Ducting Options


We recommend that you give ducting considerable thought when You help your clients choose a system. It’s not only integral to your build but also to the life cycle of the unit.

For example, you system will run more efficiently, and quietly, the more air it distributes at any one time. This is achieved through a large diameter rigid duct or a multiple-port radial system, all of which we supply and more.

Call our Service Team to discuss the ducting options available for your clients and their budgets. 

uPVC Smooth Bore Rigid Branch Ducting

Smooth-bore ducting to improve air flows and is SAP Appendix Q compliant. 

Available as push-fit connections in 150mm, 125mm and 100mm diameter and in 204mm x 60mm x 90mm for limited spaces. Metal ducting is also available in 180mm, 200mm and 250mm diameter.

Radial Semi-Rigid Ducting

Both SAP Appendix Q and Passive House compliant, our smooth-bore ducting with anti-static lining is ideal for engineered timber, metal web joists, limited void spaces and renovation projects. It improves air flows, reduces interference between rooms and is up to 60% quicker to install than alternative ducting. Available in 75mm and 90mm bore, its rubber seal across joints guarantees 100% air tightness and accommodates longer duct runs. This can be used in conjunction with multiple port distribution manifolds for central air distribution.

Flat 51 Semi-Rigid Ducting & Manifolds

Available in 2m, 20m and 50m rolls, this crush-resistant flexible flat pipe is 51mm x 138mm push-fit oval. Ideal for installation in insulation layers under screed, wall or ceilings.  This low-pressure loss, rigid manifold ducting also has an access panel for cleaning and to provide access to the distribution pipe.


Flexible (spiro) ducting will reduce the efficiency of any heat recovery unit. This type of ducting is usually found on domestic tumble dryers and is easily torn and damaged. As this is not robust enough to suit our systems and due to its high air resistance, we cannot endorse its use.