What is MVHR?

Heat recovery ventilation animation

Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) minimises the heat losses from within your property whilst providing you with filtered fresh air.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR), also known as heat recovery ventilation. As a system is balances the air flow throughout a property and provides controlled fresh air and extracts stale air at a continuous rate.

Aimed primarily at highly insulated and airtight properties, MVHR offers low-energy, forced-balanced ventilation to improve and maintain the air quality inside your home. Suitable for every building type whether self-build or custom-build, from residential care homes to commercial offices. It can even be retrofitted into a property renovation.

MVHR adds value in many ways. Firstly, it improves the air quality within your home. Secondly, it saves energy as the heat recovered is being re-used, this means a reduction in your heating costs.

Some heat recovery ventilation units captures up to 95% of heat otherwise lost from a property through standard bathroom or extraction fans. Designed to run continuously, and subtly, the system won’t even be affected if you open a window.